Wednesday 4 April 2012

Three down, three to go

This will be a quick one as I’m feeling a bit ropey and Mr P’s cooking my dinner. (Homemade Chicken Kiev, if you’re interested ...)

Had the last treatment of FEC today, so no more inflamed veins and red pee. Hurray!  From here on in it’s just Docetaxel (Taxotere) which instead might make me bloat and swell up ...  For some reason this has put me in mind of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although I’m pretty sure I won’t turn blue. ;-)

But you’ll be pleased to know that today passed without incident. When we arrived Mr P. spoke to the ward receptionist and explained that I had become apprehensive because of the pain I suffered on our last visit. (Basically, the nurse didn’t listen to my request to soak my hand in warm water, pre-cannula, and caused me such excruciating pain that I almost passed out).  So instead, we had my original nurse who was gentle, lovely and very sympathetic.

However, we did have a close shave with the ‘sandwich monitor’.  The free sarnies are supposed to be for patients only but I do normally take a pack for Mr P. too.  Anyway, the new volunteer spotted me and, quite aside from not thinking I was a patient - (my wig is obviously too good!) – I then had to lie and say that I was really hungry and have the nurse congratulate me and comment on how good my appetite was! [Although she SO knew Mr P. was taking furtive bites whenever she left the bay ...]

And then afterwards, because I was such a ‘good girl’ at the hospital, Mr P. also took me for ‘malt’ and fries at ‘Starvin’ Marvin’s’ Diner on our way home.  I'm a very lucky lady. x

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