Saturday 21 April 2012

Girls, girls, girls ...

Today I have been left to my own devices as Mr P. and the other lads are spending the day in central London on our good friend Alan’s stag do.

The girls though, did want to play their part – and so Gemma, the bride-to-be, and I (with cameos from our female friends) prepared a little video offering for the boys to watch this morning: a salacious spoof of ‘The Good Wife Guide’ (c. 1955). 

It’s been a few weeks in the making, trying to film and edit around my treatment and recovery days, but it was good fun to do and gave me a little project to work on. And judging from the messages I’ve received, the boys seem to have enjoyed it too! (Indeed, Mr P. said he was 'very proud' ...)

However, the other ladies have been kept in suspense and won’t be seeing it until this evening when we too will be venturing out for a few drinks (although, admittedly, nothing as riotous as our men have got planned!)

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and having a night out. I have become a bit withdrawn of late and it’ll do me good to socialise. And then tomorrow, Mr P. and I are off to another wedding. Although, what sort of state he’ll be in and when, or if(!), we manage to arrive will be anyone’s guess ...

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