Tuesday 17 April 2012

That’s what friends are for ...

To celebrate being half-way through my chemo, I had a couple of friends over last night to drink a little wine, eat some pizza and generally chew the fat.

It was a fun evening; very low key but I think we’ll keep the big bash for my birthday at the end of June, when chemo will be finished and (hopefully) we’ll be getting ready for surgery.

My friends really are very sweet. We talked about my lack of confidence with the wig etc. and also about how they could help me. Others have telephoned and asked me about this too but the honest answer is that, for now, just knowing that you’re all there for me, willing me on, really does make a difference.

Because, in a practical sense, there’s not much to be done at the moment in that I go to the hospital twice every three weeks and Mr P. likes to come with me.  Further down the line though, we probably will need more hands on support - particularly with the radiotherapy visits, which will be every day for a number of weeks. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it ...

And so we begin to get ready for the second half. I’ve got another week before I see the Oncologist  and get myself measured but I’m hopeful for another good reduction.  I’m also keeping myself busy, with assorted lunches, dinners and nights out planned over the next few days, so the time will go quickly.

Oh, and I’ve managed to re-book onto the Maggie’s Centre workshop that I missed last week. And, fingers crossed, it really will live up to its name and give me the boost I need to ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ ...

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