Sunday 1 April 2012

What Katie did ...

Today my head's sore for a whole different reason. It appears that what little bit of hair I have left was well and truly let down last night.

I say appears because I really don't remember. However Mr P. has taken great relish in filling me in on my embarrassing antics. Heckling people about recycling, asking elderly gentlemen if they're gay and 'cardigan-whipping' a librarian are apparently all among my drunken repertoire. And all before 11.30pm. In a church hall. Even by my standards this was quite an achievement.

We'd gone to help out at our drama group's show; serving drinks and selling ice creams. But while the show was on we sat in the Green Room and chatted, with a drink or two (or ten). The trouble is, of course, that I only drink alcohol about once every three weeks and it hit me like a train ... 

Mr P. did try and stop me:

Mr P: Have a Diet Coke   
Kate:  No   
Mr P: Have a Diet Coke   
Kate:  No
Mr P: Have a Diet Coke   

Kate:  I'll have a Diet Coke. With Bacardi in it.
Mr P: No

Consequently, I wasn't in any fit state for the after-show party. I believe we stayed all of about twenty minutes before Mr P. called a cab to take us home. I feel a bit guilty about this because he's normally the life-and-soul and for him to abandon a party to 'curb my enthusiasm' was quite a drastic measure!

So this morning I was feeling contrite and, after making us some bacon sandwiches, agreed to go to IKEA with him. Now that was an experience because, believe it or not, I'd never been before. I was an IKEA virgin. I'd steadfastly avoided it - so going on the first Sunday of the school holidays, with a hangover, did leave me feeling a little jaded.

Wonderfully though, at 1pm I received a text message that made me feel much less embarrassed about my previous behaviour. It read: "What a night! S was sick all over the place, cab refused to take her home. She punched P on the nose. G cried, V cried and I woke up on J's floor. Just going home now!"

Completely priceless. I'm so glad we don't just keep our drama for the stage!

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