Saturday 28 April 2012

God, what hit me?!

They weren’t wrong about the effect Docetaxel would have on my muscles and joints – I feel like I’ve been beaten up!

It started last night and has got progressively worse. It really is very painful. No matter how or where I sit, I just can’t get comfortable. Thank God for prescription painkillers ...

Fortunately, I was still relatively mobile this morning and was able to make it into town to meet my old friend, Dermot, who’d come to London for a flying visit. I’d not seen him for several years so I was determined to make it into Ealing, despite my creaking limbs.

I’m really glad I did. A lot has changed for us both in recent times but it was lovely to see him so relaxed and happy and to hear about his forthcoming move to the USA.  I know he’ll have an amazing time.

But tonight, I’m staying put. An old university friend of Mr P’s is playing a gig in central London but, much as I would love to go, I really wouldn’t be able to stand up for more than five minutes. Mr P. has gone though, with my blessing. He doesn’t like to leave me but I’ve assured him that I’m fine and that I want him to see his friends.  I think it’s important that we carry on as normally as we can, under the circumstances, and take the opportunity to relax.

Which, for me at least, now means a bath and an early night!

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