Monday 9 April 2012

Rain, rain, go away!

OK, what happened to the sunshine?  Only last week I was having new fences put up in my garden and now I’m putting the central heating on. It’s all pretty cheerless.

That said, I suppose it is typical UK Bank Holiday weather. Grey and drizzly. The sort of afternoon when you just want to snuggle up on the sofa with a digestive biscuit and a ‘Carry On’ film.

Sadly though, the Easter TV schedule has been somewhat lacking. I truly felt let down this morning to discover that, despite the Bank Holiday, the BBC thought I might still want to catch a mid-morning episode of  ‘Cash in the [bloody] attic’.  Seriously?!

You’ll note that I’m a bit grumpy. I woke up today feeling pretty crap and, right at this moment, I’m having to listen to my neighbour’s grandchildren scream their heads off downstairs.  Either they’ve eaten too much chocolate or not enough, but I’d be willing to muffle their shrill little cries with a box or two of mini-eggs right now.

I have also been consuming chocolate. Mr P. arrived yesterday armed with a generous selection of treats which we scoffed in front of ‘Team America’  - (“F*ck, yeah!”) – followed by ‘Jurassic Park’.  It was a really lovely laid-back, if sugar-loaded, evening.

Today though, I had a bit of a relapse. Once I stop taking the steroids my body really starts to notice how bad the chemo has made it feel. It’s basically like a hangover: headache, nausea, dehydration ... which will probably last for a day or two. I was hoping to see some friends today but I really need to stay home and rest. And, fingers crossed, I’ll still make it to my workshop at the Maggie’s Centre tomorrow.

Fortunately though, for Mr P., he has gone out this afternoon and doesn’t have to suffer my mithering.  His good friend (and fellow cider enthusiast), Rob, is getting married on Saturday and they’re picking up their suits. (I believe there might also be a curry in the offing and I’m a little bit jealous ...)

Anyway, the good news is that it means that I’ve got another five days to get myself well for the celebrations. And who knows, by then the sun might decide to pop back and see us too?

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  1. Keep going Kate.! Eaay on the sugar fix though!