Saturday 7 April 2012

Easter Greetings

This is probably the first time in several years that I’ve spent the Easter break in London.

Normally, I’d take advantage of the long weekend and take a trip up to Staffordshire and see my Mum.  However, I really can’t travel that far so soon after treatment. I haven’t been that unwell but I feel very unsettled. It’s hard to describe. I think it’s the steroids – they make you feel very edgy and jittery.

I am getting better at dealing with the side effects though. I’m drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration and headaches, as well as staving off the nausea, thanks to lots of apricot and ginger cordial. It’s been a real god-send. On the downside though, I’m constantly on the loo ... but at least, now I’ve also got myself some sleeping tablets (to offset the effect of the steroids) I only wake up once or twice a night!

The other thing that people don’t really talk about is just how badly chemotherapy affects your digestion.  Maybe not everyone suffers from it but the poor, long-suffering Mr P. has had to endure quite a lot from his bald, flatulent girlfriend these last few days. :-0

But still he treats me like a Princess, bless him. Home-cooked dinners, breakfast in bed ... constantly checking that I’m OK and telling me I’m pretty even though I have less hair on my wispy head than a baby orang-utan.

Today though, he is relieved of care duties. I have returned to my own flat and he has ventured out on a little expedition: to watch the ‘Boat Race’. Not that he has any interest in rowing – not many people who bother going down to the River actually do – but he does have a very active interest in drinking cider with his friends.

So, I shall see him tomorrow - at some point.  And hopefully, with the aid of a few chocolate eggs, take care of him as well as he has been taking care of me.

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