Wednesday 8 February 2012

Shit. I didn't see that coming!

Well, that was a curved ball - turns out I won’t be having an operation after all.  At least, not yet.

Saw my consultant this afternoon at Ealing Hospital. Unsurprisingly, they still didn’t have all the test results back but they did have the MRI.

Turns out that, while they can’t see anything else untoward in my chest, the tumour (or the area it includes) is now bigger than it was. Originally we were told that it was small. That is, less than 2cm. Now however, it is 3.1cm. This might be due to inflammation from the biopsy but they just don’t know.

This then causes a problem. Because of its high position on my chest and my small stature – (and by that, I mean tiny tits) – surgery is now more difficult. The consultant did mutter several times: “I wish you were a few cup sizes bigger ... "  You and me both, sunshine.

If I still wanted surgery I could have it – apparently. But it would mean taking a significant chunk of what is already a ‘small breast’ - (the medical term, I believe) – while the position makes reconstruction difficult.

Ah, bollocks …

Instead, I have been recommended a course of chemotherapy to shrink the tumour first. This will take up to six months and then I’ll have the operation, if required. So, I’ve said ‘yes – but please now just get on with it.’

I’ll be back at Ealing tomorrow for my CT scan so they’re trying to get me an appointment to speak with the Oncologist (i.e. the chemo specialist). Failing that, it will be on Monday – with a view to starting chemo in the next week or so at Charing Cross.

But still no definite treatment dates. Boo!


PS. In other news, had a letter from The Royal Marsden’s inappropriately named ‘Rapid Diagnostic Unit’ confirming my appointment on 29 February. The transfer of care request was sent on 27 January ...

Thanks but no thanks, fella!

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