Thursday 16 February 2012

The calm before the storm

OK, so I’ve got a few quiet days to get things done. And have I ... ? Have I, heck!?

I blame Mr P; he only went and gave me an iPad for Valentine’s Day. It was the most lovely and thoughtful (and expensive!) of gestures. His thinking is that it will keep me entertained while at treatment appointments and, quote, “make your life easier.”

He’s right. It will. But I also can’t stop playing with the bloody thing!  I think he may yet confiscate it and only let me have it at hospital or as a treat when I’ve actually done the things that I’ve promised to do. Today he’s made me promise to walk to the station and back, just to get me out of the house. I haven’t ... well, not yet!

What I have done though, is start on my ‘Cancer Cupboard’.  Lots of people have been giving me tips on things to buy - (thank you!) - and I also remember a few bits and pieces from when my Dad was ill.  This includes:
  • Pecan nuts containing Zinc to boost my immune system, which will take a battering over the next 18 weeks.
  • Dried apricots containing Lycopene, which is particularly good at fighting cancer. Tomatoes are another good source, plus various other fruits and vegetables - and chicken!
  • Iron tablets to prevent anaemia and Vitamin C to make sure my body can absorb the iron.
  • Aloe Vera gel for if my hands and feet get sore.
  • Thermometer to keep an eye on my health as I could easily succumb to an infection. If my temperature does rise, I have to go straight to the hospital.
  • Manuka honey, which is anti-bacterial and can help prevent mouth sores.
  • Crystallised ginger, to stop me feeling sick. (My Dad used to particularly enjoy the dark chocolate gingers from Thorntons. Trouble was, the rest of us liked to eat them too!)
  • Anti-sickness wristbands. 
So I haven’t been wholly inactive. Just mostly ... ;-)

But, on a separate note, someone has also sent me details of Macmillan Cancer Support’s Starlight Supper on Saturday 10 March. It’s being promoted through Smooth Radio and they are encouraging people to host a dinner party and make a donation to Macmillan. Sounds like a great idea.


  1. I'm sure the crystallised ginger is yummier, but i take ginger suppliments for reducing inflammation and they are very reasonably priced at
    Also if you want a lazy day have one, you can always come out fighting again the next day
    take it easy
    big hugs

  2. I make soup for Silas with lentils, soft dried apricots and whatever root veg we have knocking around. Its packed with iron and not bad tasting. Whenever your up to it and bored at home, pop round for some. I'm pretty much stuck at home from now on. Marie x

  3. That sounds yummy. xx

  4. iPads are wonderful aren't they..... They do help a lot. Great to see you are preparing. You go fight this girl! (Cue 80s song of your choice...........)

  5. I found out about your blog via Kat Dixon (not sure how we got there but she is really proud of you). All I can say is that I wish you the best in the world!! You’re young; you caught it at an early stage; you have a plan and a great spirit from what I can see; you have all these people to support you :) => You’ve got every reason in the world not only to be very optimistic but sure that you will KICK THIS THING’S ASS!! If you like any of the below, try to have them in your diet every day: dark chocolate, tomatoes, green tea, garlic and onions, soy, berries (all of them), citrus fruit (all of them), fish (omega 3 content) and cabbage (all of them with broccoli being highly recommended). They’re full of polyphenols that not only make the cancer cells ~commit suicide~ (that’s an imagine to have in mind ;) ) but they also attack the blood vessels that the tumour uses to feed itself (you probably know about some of them already). They’re more efficient when not cooked ;) (if you want to read more there is this book Foods to fight cancer – Prof R. Beliveau and Dr Denis Gingras). Everyone knew about the anti-cancer effect of the above foods but only a while ago it was discovered that the polyphenols where the substances that were supporting that action (btw lycopene in the dried apricots that you were talking about it’s a polyphenol). Lots of hugs :)

  6. I have some of those anti-sickness wristbands, still unused in the box, so if yu haven't got those yet drop me a lone with your address & I'll pop them in the post! Hang on in there with the chemo - sending positive vibes ~~~~