Tuesday 14 February 2012

Be prepared!

I am one of life's planners and HATE to be rushed or caught on the hop. (Just ask Mr P!) I get very stressed if I don't have time to prepare ...

So today I have been able to confirm the following in my diary:

- That my breast will be electronically 'tagged' at 3.30pm on Monday afternoon. (I'm still finding this rather amusing ... Will it have a curfew? Or be allowed out without supervision?!)

- That, at the same time on Tuesday, I'm going to have my hair cut off. Not all of it - I'm not Joan of Arc - but short, so as to reduce the weight on my long-suffering follicles in advance of chemo. (I do have a LOT of hair)

In the meantime, I'm also hoping to pop 'up town' to a really good wig shop that has been recommended and also into the office to see my lovely colleagues. (Monday morning/lunch, if any of you are around?)

There are lots of other little things that I need to do too - like buy a thermometer(!) - but it's nice to feel that things are starting to happen.

PS. Happy Valentine's Day, Mr P. xxx


  1. I am finding the "tagging" amusing too Kate. Don't break your curfew or you may get locked up! Glad to hear you sounding so positive now you know the score. Its always better once you have your plan and can focus on the next steps. Look forward to seeing you Monday, I will try and dig out my "Chillow" although, I have to say it was a bit crap for me and my hot sweats! But may help with hot feet if you get them. Hope Mr P is spoiling you rotten today (sure he is :))
    xxx Tracey xxx

    1. That would be fantastic if you could, Tracey - I'm trying to get myself all organised!

      I'm willing to try everything people suggest. Rowena also suggested Manuka honey, to prevent mouth sores, which I know people can get. So I went and bought some of that and some ginger jam - which I love - for when I'm feeling a bit queasy.

      I'll probably come back to work with diabetes ... ! ;-)

    2. PS. I'd be quite glad of hot feet. Mine are always freezing!

  2. Kate, try those SeaBands on your wrists too. Although for travel sickness, they help with all types of nausea. You'll get them from any pharmacy. I can send you mine, but my fat wrists have probably stretched them too much for you. Marie x