Monday 27 February 2012

Ow, it hurts!

My head is still banging ... I feel like I have the most protracted hangover in the world.

I managed to get two good night's sleep over the weekend but have still woken up today feeling headachy and nauseous. It's really starting to get on my wick ...
I've also started to get paranoid about my hair. Found some strands on the pillow earlier. It's probably just normal 'shedding' - I do have very thick hair - but it didn't help me to feel any better about things!
So today, I need to get 'doing': pick some wigs, buy some nice food and generally get my house in order. (I have let things slide these past few weeks).
And maybe later, I'll see Mr P too. He's spent the last two days/nights carousing in the way that only he can. I'm glad that he's had a good time, (and that Liverpool won the League Cup) but, if he's looking for a sympathetic response to his 'headache' this morning, I think he may be disappointed! ;-)

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