Friday, 4 May 2012

May the fourth be with you!

What an absolutely brilliant day! I am now formally registered as a patient at The Royal Marsden Hospital where I will undertake the remainder of my (post chemo) treatment.

We've waited a long time for this to happen but I’m so glad that I persevered and got myself transferred from Ealing Hospital. The facilities at the 'Marsden are second to none and I have absolute confidence and faith that I will get the best and most appropriate treatment according to my need.

And ... I've also got an operation date! My tumour (and the old lymph nodes) will be removed on Tuesday 3rd July. All things being equal, this looks like being a day procedure (under general anaesthetic), but this will be confirmed later in June. However, the date is fixed. Hurrah!

I'd always been keen to mark the end of chemo by doing something fun to celebrate my birthday at the end of June and now this can double-up as a massive 'Goodbye, Good Riddance!' party for our uninvited guest. I fully intend to see the little f*cker off in style!

I'm so happy, I can't stop smiling.

'Ave it!

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