Friday, 11 May 2012

The infamous Mr P

I’m afraid to say it but I think I’ve created a monster.

Mr P.'s even said it himself. Apparently by telling the world how supportive he’s been, I've caused his head to swell (even more) and he’s started to believe his own hype.

In honesty though, he has been brilliant and I can’t imagine having done all this without him. However can I also say, for all his old friends who think he’s either turned over a new leaf or had a personality transplant, he does still have his irascible and naughty moments.

Indeed, taking him to the hospital often feels like taking a child to the supermarket; I have to keep a constant eye on him and check who he’s talking to or what he’s touching.

Like the day he started a row with the old lady volunteering in the League of Friends cafe over its ‘medieval’ payment facilities (they didn’t accept cards), or he found a kindred argumentative spirit in the Macmillan lady with whom he ranted at length about extortionate hospital parking charges. (To be fair, they are outrageous!)

Then there's the opportunistic touching of me each time I put on a hospital gown (and that's quite a lot) and the rifling through unattended medical trolleys to see what he can 'find'.

So please rest assured, he’s still the provocative, out-spoken attention-seeker that you all remember. But that’s why we love him ...

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