Monday, 28 May 2012

Busy bee

Right-o, so I now have two ‘good’ weeks ahead of me and they’re already looking very full!

Lunches, dinners and a Jubilee wedding ... and that’s before I factor in all the mundane house and garden stuff that I need to get sorted. Oh, and I still need to sound-edit a radio play. I think I might have over-committed myself!

I am feeling better though, if – unsurprisingly – a bit tired. My joints are still a little weak and I’m finding that I’m quite clumsy too. (Managed to drop and smash my iPhone)

But for the most part, I’m doing OK. My hair appears to be growing back and the wispy white down on my head has given it the look and feel of a tennis ball.

The other day, I also picked up a sample of a caffeine-based product that’s supposed to stimulate the hair follicles. So I’ve slapped it on my scalp and am hoping for the best. The sooner I can grow some proper hair, the sooner I can stop wearing the wig because synthetic hair is proving a bit too stifling in this hot weather!

But we’re now about half-way through the whole treatment and recovery process, and the second half will (I hope) be easier.

Six weeks from today I will be at the Marsden having my pre-op dye injection and preparing to see the back of my ‘guest’. It still feels a long way off but at least I have lots to distract me.

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