Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The countdown begins ...

Eight weeks today and my tumour will be history.

It’s good to finally be able to plan for the operation and know when I will or won’t be able to do things. Obviously there is always the risk of infection and/or complications but, assuming all goes well, I’m hoping the radiotherapy could also be done and dusted by around the end of August.

We had some preliminary warm-up celebrations at the weekend. My sister travelled down from Hereford and we variously drank, danced, ate and pub-quizzed with another fifteen of my friends. It was really great fun. My sister is already planning her return trips for June and July!

So for now, I’m on a ‘good’ week. I’m still quite tired but I think that’s to be expected after such a busy weekend. I do have a few nice nights out planned with Mr P. but during the day, apart from some general pottering, there really is no imperative for me to get anything in particular done.

It’s a hard life ...

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