Thursday, 10 May 2012

Always in my thoughts

It was seven years ago today that my Dad passed away.

I’ve talked a lot about my Dad on this blog. He was bloody-minded and stubborn and always liked to do things his way.  I think I might take after him ... ;-)

And, like me, he was a perpetual fidget. He couldn’t sit still and relax and always had to be ‘doing’ something, however mundane. Right up until the end he was drafting plans for household improvements, designing theatre sets, directing plays ... I was, and am, incredibly proud of him.

Ultimately, when they finally managed to drag him away from his computer or out of his workshop, he spent his last few days at St Giles’ Hospice Many of those reading this from the Lichfield area will be familiar with St Giles and its work and probably know someone who has been a patient there.

As an independent charity, they need to raise funds and this month have created a ‘Starflower Garden’ of Remembrance in which personalised Starflower Pegs will bear the name of friends and loved ones who are no longer with us.

And so I have sponsored one. I thought it would be a nice gesture, particularly as I am going up to see my Mum in a few weeks for her birthday and will be able drop by and see it for myself.

The same goes for anyone else who happens to find themselves in Whittington; please pop in and take a look.  And if you do spot ‘Brian Martin’, please be sure to give him my best ... x

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