Friday, 2 March 2012

What day is it?

All the days are starting to blur. Every day feels like a Saturday ...

Fortunately though, a good number of my friends seem to work at home, on shifts, or have leave to use so I will never be short of company if I want some.

I’m also feeling MUCH better. I do still get slight stomach twinges and head pains but nothing like the horrors I experienced earlier in the week.

So it means I can actually ‘do’ stuff.  This morning I get to wait in for four hours (woo-hoo!) for my phone line to be fixed.  It had been broken for several days before I realised so apologies to anyone who thought I’d gone AWOL.

And then I’m off to lunch with Mrs M. Not seen her since before Christmas, so it will be nice to catch up.  Managed to get out yesterday too.  Met another friend for lunch and then pottered round the shops for an hour or so.

So I am getting about. My energy levels are generally good until about 4pm but then they start to fizzle and by 9.30pm I’m doing the blinky ‘I-can’t-keep-my-eyes-open’ thing.  It’s meant some adjustment in our eating times too.

I’ve also noticed that certain foods are a no-no. Bless him, Mr P. made me a really nice sweet and sour chicken the other day with the smallest amount of chilli in. It really wasn’t that hot to the taste but it really made me stomach sting – that’s how tender my insides are feeling.  So everything is still very much trial and error. 

However, I’m pleased to report that Penguin biscuits and Strawberry Split lollies hold no such hidden dangers ... ;-)


  1. Hi Kate, this is Phil from the AAT Assessments team.
    Just want to say "hello" and let you know, as I'm sure you know, we're all right behind you.
    I had cancer myself many moons ago and did six months of chemo. Chemo turned me into a smoker but its amazing the inner strength you can find when life is testing you. Keep on blogging!

  2. Hi Kate, following your blog every day. Have a nice lunch with Mrs M - make sure she picks up the bill! Ro,J,G,T,C

    1. Haha, different Mrs M! But it feels good to be feeling better. x

  3. Hi Kate,
    Glad you're feeling slightly better. We are all keeping tabs on you. Enjoy the Penguins and Splits.
    Lots of love,
    Mr P's Uncle A, D and J xxx