Monday, 5 March 2012

Walking on sunshine

I am in such a good mood today. I wish I could bottle it and save it for days when I don’t feel so great.

For a start, I had seven hours unbroken sleep last night – for the first time in three weeks. I had been waking up at least two or three times a night and getting up about 6am, but this morning I woke up after 7.

My headache is also pretty much gone, and manageable, and my energy levels are right back up to where they were pre-treatment.

I’m really hoping this lasts. It would be lovely to think that I can have eight more good days before we start the cycle again.


  1. Really please you are feeling good. Enjoy it xx

  2. So glad you are feeling good today! Hope it lasts for a while!
    Hugs, Debby