Thursday, 8 March 2012

Counting down

Hello, I’m back! I’ve had a busy couple of days. 

I’m taking full advantage of my renewed energy and cheerfulness to crack on and get things done before next week’s second bout of chemo. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to feel normal!

Well, I say normal. I don’t think I’ve been this positive in quite a while. It’s a lovely feeling. And me being in a good mood, means Mr P. is in a good mood ... and that’s good news for everyone! ;-)

The only side effect still noticeable is one that didn’t actually surface until this week: the horrible taste in my mouth. They say it tastes metallic but I think it’s more rancid than that – like something has crawled into my mouth and died. :-( It really is quite foul.

Apparently it’s the chemotherapy affecting the cells in the mouth cavity, which is why your sense of taste can change too. Someone suggested wine gums to take the taste away, which are acidic, so Mr P. bought me some Haribo and they do seem to work. But, honestly, with all these sweets and chocolate, I think I might shift the cancer and give myself diabetes!

I’ve also got a big weekend planned: twenty of us are off to the New Forest tomorrow for a Hen Weekend. I may report more of our shenanigans next week but a big thank you to Gemma (Bride-to-be) and Jayne (Bridesmaid) for making special concessions for me. Very much appreciated

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  1. So glad you are feeling chipper and up to the Hen Party. Enjoy!!! Hugs, Debby