Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hurrah! Cancer IS f*cking off!

Had my tumour measured yesterday and its size has reduced 25% in area since the first treatment. 

It’s gone down from 3.3 x 3.3cm to 2.8 x 2.9cm and apparently feels softer too. The Consultant says that’s about average and so seemed pleased with my progress.

I’d also been concerned that my having a sore throat this week might delay today’s second treatment but my blood test came back fine, so it’s full steam ahead. Obviously I won’t be bothering with the cold cap again. There seems little point when I’ve lost so much hair already. But, looking at the positives, that will make our visits much shorter.

I’ve also had my hair cut. My scalp was so sore and itchy that the weight of the remaining hair was really very uncomfortable. However rather than go straight in with the buzz-cut, my hairdresser opted to crop it to about 2.5cm - (and a bit longer on the top) - which is severe but rather less drastic.

I’m not naive though. My hair is still shedding, so it won’t be long until Mr P. does have to set about me with his hair clippers, but it does allow me time to get used to the idea of being completely bald. On the plus side though, my hairdresser says I have ‘a perfect occipital bone' – so you’ll all be able to see it! ;-)

I’m also hoping to get a wig today. They were supposed to have them at the hospital yesterday but they hadn’t arrived in time. So fingers crossed ...

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  1. Wonderful! you have such a positive attitude!
    Hugs, Debby