Monday, 12 March 2012

Be bold. Be bald.

I've now lost a LOT of hair. What was once a lovely full, thick head of hair is now thin and wispy with a couple of big bald patches.

It started on Friday and I've been steadily shedding since. I honestly didn't realise that it would happen so fast. It's getting everywhere.

A big group of us had gone away for a friend's Hen Party and hired a lodge down in the New Forest, so I was really glad that they'd arranged for me to have my own room. I wouldn't have wanted to share with me; I felt like a moulting Labrador. 

It was more annoying than anything but when, on Sunday morning, I lost a signicant amount in the shower and saw the extent of my baldness, I did have to potter off into the woods for a little cry.

It was good though, to have someone there who had been through it herself. Fiona got diagnosed a few years ago, when she was still in her late twenties, so has run the full gauntlet of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

She started losing hair within a week of her first chemo session, despite also using the cold cap, and took the bold decision just to have all her hair cut off and wear a wig. That meant she was in control.

So, I've decided that I should do the same. I've made an appointment to have it cut at 6pm tomorrow and Mr P. is going to come with me. My hairdresser works from home so it will be in private with no-one else watching.

I'm hoping to sort out a wig this week too but, in the meantime, I do have some knitted hats and scarves that I can wear.

Obviously, it's all been pretty distressing but, as I said to my friends, I'm not the first person to go through this and (sadly) I won't be the last. And who knows, when it grows back it might be curly or a different colour - it does happen. Mr P's hoping for a red-head ... but I just want to be less grey!

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