Thursday 14 June 2012

Where's it gone?!

My tumour is now so small that they can't even find it with a scanner!

We visited The Royal Marsden's 'Rapid Diagnostic Unit' today. It's very posh, like the rest of the hospital, and not all like any other NHS facility I've visited.

They looked at my chest and armpit with an ultrasound and, despite finding the 'marker' and what looked like scar tissue, there was no clear tumour to be seen. Hurrah!

Obviously this is brilliant news, especially as the final chemo won't even have taken effect yet. So we'll speak to the surgeon next week and get the plan of action, but it all seems to be boding very well.

In fact, I was so overwhelmed, I went back to the changing room and burst into tears. But good ones for a change. :-)


  1. Hi Kate, that's brilliant news! Well done girl - on the home straight now! Ro xxxx

  2. That really is excellent news! Hope you don't feel too bad from the last cycle and that this news has given you a boost. We'll still be thinking of you. Oliviaxx

  3. Wonderful news. Hopefully, a lumpectomy will be all that is necessary.