Wednesday 13 June 2012

So that’s that. Next!

Today was my sixth and final chemotherapy session. Although, instead of being a high point it did feel like a bit of an anti-climax.

Don’t get me wrong, the chemo ward nurses and particularly the receptionist Stephen are all very nice. Apart from one bad experience on my second visit, when the nurse botched the cannula, it’s all been pretty straightforward.

Interestingly, it was the nurse from our second visit that administered my treatment today. Mr P. wasn’t happy about that but, in contrast to our last encounter, she was sweetness and light and even laughed at his jokes - so I think she was forgiven.

And they all wished me luck as I left (and gave them a box of chocolates in appreciation of their efforts) but I didn’t really feel any sense of completion or closure. I guess because I know there’s still more, albeit different and less gruelling, treatments to come.

It was a shame too, that I didn’t get to see my regular (the senior) Oncologist yesterday. Instead we saw one of the Registrars who, if I’m honest, we didn’t really like. Apart from being quite arrogant, he obviously didn’t know me or my case, talked over me a lot when I was trying to ask questions, and then didn’t want to measure my tumour because I’m being scanned at the ‘Marsden tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I did insist: ‘I’d like a measurement anyway, please!’ And then discovered that the real reason was probably because he had to go and get a nurse to watch him do it. Not sure why. Then he couldn’t find the tumour anyway!

However, this is probably a good thing. If, even in his less experienced hands, it’s not obvious where the tumour boundaries are then it must have shrunk a bit more. I’m hoping to under 1cm which, with one treatment still to take effect, does bode well for ‘breast conservation’ – i.e. a lumpectomy rather than mastectomy. It had been considered borderline before.

So it is good news, of sorts. I’ll be off to the ‘Marsden tomorrow for an ultra-sound scan, so hopefully things will be a bit more conclusive.

Which means that my treatment at Charing Cross is now at an end. As we waved farewell, I did take a moment to compose myself and then skipped out merrily to what I sincerely hope will be my last ever 'Chemo Conga' ... :-)

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  1. Hope you completed the chemo conga with a two fingered salute! Good luck with the scan x