Thursday 13 September 2012

So long, sucker!

Yes, indeedy – it seems that cancer has finally f*cked off! If I didn’t still have stitches, I would attempt a little cartwheel.

Mr P. and I went and got the results of my mastectomy this afternoon. In short, while there were further cancerous cells present in the breast tissue removed, they weren’t yet the invasive sort that could have spread to my lymph nodes. (Meaning all the dangerous invasive cells had been removed during my earlier lumpectomy)

Consequently, I don’t need to have radiotherapy. Woohoo!

In essence then, my treatment for cancer has ended. Of course, I do still need to complete the reconstruction process and decide if/when I start taking Tamoxifen (the drug to keep my hormone levels down), but the intensive slog of hospital appointments does seem to be slowing right down. I do have a couple of counselling sessions booked, and an ultra-sound scan, but I don’t need to see another consultant for a month.

Which means I can now just concentrate on resting, healing and getting my strength back post surgery. To say that Mr P. and I are relieved, would be an understatement.

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