Thursday 6 September 2012

Home sweet home

Well, Mr P's home anyway. I was so ill at the hospital yesterday afternoon, that I decided to get myself discharged!

I know that seems a strange move but hospital wards, with their 24- hour 'comings and goings', are just not conducive to any kind of rest. I was completely and utterly exhausted and clearly suffering from the DTs post anaesthetic. Physical shakes, fainting and vomiting all left me feeling absolutely dreadful, when all I wanted was some peace and quiet and a little uninterrupted sleep.

I could tell the nurses weren't sure about me leaving because my blood pressure kept falling but, after giving me an ECG and making me promise to drink loads of water, they did let me go at about 7pm.

I was so shattered that I could barely keep my eyes open in the cab and, the minute we got in, I lay down and fell fast asleep for several hours.

Mr P. was so relieved. It has been very hard for him to watch me in so much pain and distress but today I am feeling MUCH better. I'm still very sore but am alert and mobile and have managed to eat some breakfast. Things are looking positive.

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