Sunday 16 September 2012

Boobie's Big Night Out

Me and my new tit went out to party last night and, my God, we did it in style!

Elaine and I show off our nice
new post-cancer surgery boobs
It was the 50th anniversary of our theatre group, the Beaufort Players. I know I talk about the BPs a lot on this blog but they have been such a support to both me and Mr P during the course of my treatment.

Of course, we have many other friends and supporters too - love to you all! - but not least my twin sister, Clare, and Mr P's parents who also came along to celebrate the 'BP Jubilee'.

My sister was even roped into playing me in a comedy sketch, reminiscing about the history of the group and remembering so many of the colourful characters that have made it what it is.

Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett
(April 2008)
Mr P. and I first got to know each other in Spring 2008, when we played opposite each other in a farce called Habeas Corpus; he played a vicar called Canon Throbbing and I was a flat-chested spinster called Connie. The Canon wanted Connie, while Connie wanted new breasts ... It's funny how life comes to imitate art!
It was such good fun to get out last night because for the last few days, and probably more than during any part of my treatment, I have been feeling very tearful.

I know why, of course. It's the emotional release in knowing that I don't have to keep on 'keeping on' anymore. It's been a long time coming after trudging relentlessly for nine months along a gruelling and uncertain path.

I had been warned that it's after the treatment ends that the enormity of everything you've been through starts to hit home. That's very definitely true. I'm still recovering from my operation (and I know I still have further reconstructive procedures) but I do feel that I can finally 'let go'.
I feel I can finally relax and say: "God, that was shit. Thank f*ck that's over!"

But, of course, I wouldn't.

What kind of 'potty-mouth' do you think I am? ;-)

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  1. To those of you who are following Kate's amazing journey, last night she and Mr P were the most relaxed they have been for months and rightly so. It was clear they feel liberated and can face a brighter future now that the gruelling hospital visits are going to be consigned to history. xx