Tuesday 21 August 2012

The countdown begins ... again!

Two weeks today and I will be having my second, and hopefully last, operation. The mastectomy reconstruction will take several procedures over the next few months but, in surgical terms, this is the ‘big’ one.

I’m much more comfortable with the whole idea now, having had a few weeks for the news to sink in. I’ll see my breast care nurse tomorrow to discuss the process a bit more fully and I’m off to a workshop today at the Mulberry Centre to speak to a company specialising in mastectomy underwear. It will be useful to get an understanding of what I might need and what is available.

My renewed positivity and practical frame of mind is due, in no small part, to having just come back from a week in Italy. Mr P. and I had a wonderful time staying with his friends in Locorotondo – so special love and thanks to Joe and Pamy (and the rest of the extended Maggi and Sanders families) for making me feel so very welcome.

I’ve also finally stopped wearing my wig and scarves. It’s been very liberating and the first time my scalp has been ‘al fresco’ since early March. My hair still needs to thicken up a little bit but I am now sporting a ‘grade 4’ crop reminiscent of Annie Lennox circa 1983. My eyelashes and eyebrows are coming back too, so it’s all good.

In addition, I’m being pre-assessed this week for counselling at the Royal Marsden. It’s a bit of an odd one because, right at the moment, I feel fine. However I have no idea how I’m going to feel after my operation so want to stay in the system and get some support ready, should I need it. After all, as with all things on the NHS, there will be a waiting list.

Lastly, also this week, I am finally going to speak to someone about the fertility tests/options that I should have had back in February. Post-chemo, it may well be a case of ‘shutting the stable door’ but it would be good to get some clarity either way.

So all in all, it’s going to be a busy few days.

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  1. its great that you are going for counselling, they will be able to dig out and help you deal with the deepest thoughts and feelings that may have got buried over the last year.
    big hugs