Friday 24 August 2012

That was the week that was ...

Blimey. It was all a bit hectic but we've started to make progress on a number of fronts.

In particular, I had an assessment with a clinical psychologist at the 'Marsden with a view to securing some ongoing support post-mastectomy. It was certainly very useful and did help me to realise that there are still a lot of residual issues that I wouldn't necessarily address in the course of conversation with my friends - as brilliant and as supportive as you all are! So I have got a second appointment booked for mid. September.

I also went to Queen Charlotte & Chelsea Hospital to talk about what long term damage chemo treatment may or may not have been done to my fertility, and what my options might be. I've got to have a number of tests but, again, at least things are moving forward.

And on that note, can I just have a little rant about the ridiculous naming conventions of London hospitals and why they're never based where you think they will be. Charing Cross Hospital? Yep, not central London - Hammersmith! Hammersmith Hospital? Acton. Queen Charlotte & Chelsea. Also Acton (right next to Hammersmith Hospital). Completely daft.

One of the few places that is where you'd expect, but not a hospital where I have (yet!) received cancer treatment, is West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth. However it is the home of the Mulberry Centre where I attended a mastectomy underwear workshop. It was very useful to see what was available on the market and get myself properly measured, and talk to a few ladies who had been through the mastectomy process.

All of which stood me in good stead for meeting with my breast cancer nurse to look at some post-op pictures and to see/feel some implants. Mr P. seemed particularly keen on this aspect of the meeting and was caught fondling the implants very attentively while I discussed the finer details of the reconstructive process ...

And now, looking forward to the Bank Holiday, we're taking full advantage of the BMI hospitality lounge at Heathrow and waiting for our flight to Edinburgh. Eleven of us are off to the Festival to celebrate our good friend June's 40th birthday. I think it could get messy.

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  1. I know a lady who had both chemo and radiation to beat cervical cancer, she was told there was no way she would be able to have kids, so never used protection. At the start of a casual relationship she became pregnant, told the guy there was no way she was getting rid but he didn't have to stay. they have now been together 10 years with their miracle daughter. I know this is rare but every glimmer of hope is encouraging.