Thursday 26 July 2012

Scream if you want to go faster

I was woken up yesterday by Simon Le Bon trilling in my ear: "I'm on a ride and I want to get off. But they won't slow down the roundabout." You're not wrong, mate.

I hate fairgrounds at the best of times but this last seven months has felt like being on one long roller coaster.

Anyway, we jump on again next Wednesday when I see the Plastic Surgeon. He/she will take me through the different mastectomy options, and their respective pros and cons, and then I need to decide what I want to do.

In the meantime, people have been keeping me distracted - inviting me out or popping round - I really am so lucky to have so many brilliant and supportive friends.

Mr P. and I even went to see the Olympic torch on Tuesday as it came through Ealing. I'm glad I went and survived the inevitable ill-tempered scrum to take photos, but part of me still feels a bit 'bah humbug' about it all.

However we, or rather Mr P., do have tickets to the quarter and semi finals of the men's football at Wembley. I will go to one match with him and Mrs P. (his Mum, not a secret wife!) will go to the other.

Maybe I'll finally have caught Olympic fever by then ... So let the games begin!


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