Wednesday 18 July 2012

On the mend

A week on from the operation and the bruising and swelling is going down. I’m still looking pretty battered but I have been able to remove the protective dressings.

I’ve got steri-strip over the two wounds though, so I haven’t seen the extent of things, but I’m absolutely staggered that they both look so small.

My tumour was very high on my breast, almost over the bone, so I’d fully expected a prominent and visible scar. However, that isn’t the case! They’re very discreet about these things these days and, instead, they actually cut round the nipple and go in under the skin. It all looks very neat and tidy.

I have another incision at the side under my arm. This was where they did the biopsy to test my lymph node. Because of its position, this one is actually far more uncomfortable than the lumpectomy and has made my armpit and the underside of my upper arm really hurt. I’ve got painkillers though, and stretches to do, so I’m hoping this improves soon.

In the meantime, I also need to wear (and sleep in) really comfortable bras. And by comfortable, yes, I do mean soft, padded and not that attractive. I didn’t actually own any non-underwired bras so, before the operation, Mr P. had to go out and buy me some. Bless him, it’s the first time he’s bought me underwear and I’m not sure it’s what either of us would have had in mind ...

And so now I’m just killing time until Friday, when I’ll find out if they think they got everything. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hiya Kate - best of luck for tomorrow, hope you get the all clear. Ro xxxxxxx