Monday, 30 January 2012

Say, WHAT?!

Last week I heard the words that no-one wants to hear. (Or at least I did once he'd repeated it about three times ... ) It was just too surreal.

I genuinely didn't think I had breast cancer. While there was always the nagging outside chance that it could be, there really wasn't any reason to think that it was. I'm only 38. I'm slim, I'm healthy, I don't smoke ... and, while I do like the odd tipple, there is absolutely NO history of breast cancer in my family.

Apart from being shocked, I was really bloody annoyed. How. Feckin'. Dare. You. Yes - YOU, you pesky little tumour. The unwanted gift. The uninvited guest ...  Who the bloody hell asked you to the party?

So that's why I've started this blog, to chronicle my belligerent one-woman battle. And I'll start as I mean to go on, by saying loud and clear:

"CANCER, you CAN F*CK right OFF!" 

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